We’re creating a buzzworthy service! Check out the FAQs below to learn more about fiber internet.

  • What is Buzz Broadband?
    Buzz Broadband, a fiber-based broadband service, brings the highest available broadband speeds for a competitive price to our members. We are very excited about how this can transform where we live, work and go to school!
  • Why did Covington Electric get into the fiber-based broadband business?
    Installing fiber allows Covington Electric to enhance the quality and reliability of its electric service and bring the fastest internet speeds available anywhere in the country to our members.
  • How is Covington Electric doing this project?
    CEC completed a “middle mile” fiber ring that connects all of our substations and offices to improve the quality and reliability of our electric service. The “middle mile” ring also serves as the backbone for the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network, providing cooperative members access to fiber-based broadband service.

    FTTH engineering and construction began in June 2021 in the Beda/Wing area. Contractors have been building out the system going north, east and west concurrently through the CEC service territory. This will continue until every CEC member has access to broadband service. Our goal is to complete this project in approximately two years.
  • When will fiber service be available in your area?
    To see if your home or business is in an active area, please go to the service availability page and find your location. From there you can also pre-register for service.
  • What speeds are offered?
    We offer residential pricing packages that begin at 200Mbps service at $59.95 per month. Other packages include $79.95 per month for 1Gbps service and $99.95 per month for 2Gbps service. We also offer a landline phone service package at $24.95 per month.
  • Is Buzz Broadband internet unlimited, or do you have data caps?
    All of the Buzz Broadband packages are unlimited with no data caps and no contracts. When you choose a Buzz package like 1Gbps for example, you are choosing the speed only.
  • Are there rental fees for the Buzz equipment?
    There are no fees for the basic equipment necessary for service; however, we do offer extenders for a monthly charge if needed.
  • How can I sign up?
    Register your interest here on our site today! Members who have pre-registered will receive an email when their area is active and the Buzz team is ready to schedule the installation for service.
  • What does this mean for the cooperative?
    Buzz Broadband will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Covington Electric Cooperative created to benefit the membership, the cooperative and the electric grid. It is a separate company and therefore managed separately from the cooperative. Its purpose is to provide a truly smart electrical grid, offer elite broadband service to members and improve communication services in the region.

Why Buzz Broadband?

  • Buzz Broadband is a fiber-based broadband service that brings the highest available broadband speeds at competitive prices to CEC members. Having fast and reliable access to such technology takes the sting out of meeting deadlines, virtual learning, working from home and running a business.

    Because of the impact of high-speed internet on business, education and overall quality of life, providing broadband service will play an integral role in our region’s growth. We believe this service will provide CEC members with the sweetest online experience.

    Reliable and affordable access to fiber-based broadband has been limited for those who live in rural areas. CEC is pleased to help provide a solution that is truly BUZZworthy.