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Buzz Broadband offers several service packages to fit your unique needs, and there are no contracts or data caps — guaranteed. All advertised speeds are upload and download, meaning they’re exactly the same. Whether you’re looking for the most basic internet service or a connection that caters to business needs or gaming, we’ve got you covered.

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Ring ring! Affordable, reliable phone service calling. If you're in need of phone service, Buzz Broadband has you covered. It's time to stop overspending and start simplifying with our reliable, high quality phone service.

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Our Internet plans have people buzzing. Buzz Broadband internet service is fast, reliable and affordable. Stop overpaying for internet plans you don't need: Buzz Broadband has a variety of internet plans that fit your internet needs at home.

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Why Buzz Broadband?

  • Buzz Broadband is a fiber-based broadband service that brings the highest available broadband speeds at competitive prices to CEC members. Having fast and reliable access to such technology takes the sting out of meeting deadlines, virtual learning, working from home and running a business.

    Because of the impact of high-speed internet on business, education and overall quality of life, providing broadband service will play an integral role in our region’s growth. We believe this service will provide CEC members with the sweetest online experience.

    Reliable and affordable access to fiber-based broadband has been limited for those who live in rural areas. CEC is pleased to help provide a solution that is truly BUZZworthy.